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Event Venue

Earl Arts Centre, Launceston

Event Dates & Times

  • Wed, Oct 9 2019 7:30pm
  • Thu, Oct 10 2019 7:30pm
  • Fri, Oct 11 2019 7:30pm
  • Sat, Oct 12 2019 2:00pm
  • Sat, Oct 12 2019 7:30pm

Running Time

2 hours 20 minutes (including interval)


Recommended for ages 8+.

Contains some theatrical violence and fake blood.

No Babes in Arms.

No filming or photography permitted.

DOOR SALES available - cash only


Door Sales Available - Cash only




A contemporary adaptation of Hamlet that retains William Shakespeare’s original text, but edits and transforms the script to create an intimate examination of the main conflict caused by the murder of Hamlet’s father, which impacts the families of both Hamlet and Polonius. Many characters have been cut entirely from the script or combined with the characters that remain, such as Ophelia, whose role has been greatly expanded and placed firmly in the 21st century through the incorporation of lines from Horatio, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and even Hamlet.

This production examines society’s growing obsession with revenge. The tragedy of Hamlet is produced not by a desire for justice, but a pursuit of vengeance, spurred on by Hamlet’s own father from beyond the grave, a deadly inheritance passed down from one generation to the next. The parallels between the dramatic action of this play and the rise of terrorism and murder rates in the world today will provoke reflection and present an antidote to our fixation on revenge, which is not only destructive to the individual, but to society as well.

The role of Polonius is played by Darren Royston. Darren is an internationally recognised artist from the UK who has worked in theatre, musicals, opera, film and television.


Ticket Pricing

  • $32 - Full
  • $25 - Concession
  • $10 - Child 7-17 years

School group prices available. Contact the Box Office for more details.
Phone: 6331 0052 or

Concessions available for Pensioners, Seniors, Health Care Card holders and Full Time Students.

Companion Cards accepted.

General Admission

A processing fee of $6 applies to tickets purchased online. This is a per transaction fee, not per ticket fee, which will be applied at the end of your purchase.

A delivery charge of $4 applies if you choose to have your tickets posted to your address.

Creative Team & Cast

Creative Team & Cast

  • Story by - William Shakespeare
  • Adapted & Directed by - Kelly Wilson
  • Original music by - Karlin Love & Fiontan Cassidy
  • Cast -
  • HAMLET - Aaron Beck
  • OPHELIA - Laura Eastley
  • CLAUDIUS - Christopher Bryg
  • GERTRUDE - Kerri Gay
  • LAERTES - Robbie Bleakley
  • POLONIUS - Darren Royston
  • PLAYER / FUNERAL DIRECTOR - Natalie Gaffney