Theatre North is committed to nurturing young people's love of the arts.
We welcome school groups and offer significantly reduced school prices to several shows in our 2024 Season.

Unless otherwise stated, our 2024 school group prices are:

$16 per student (1 - 49 students)
$12 per student (50+ students)

Theatre workshops and extensive teaching resources are often also available as part of our school group packages

The Trojan War

from A Slightly Isolated Dog

A joyous, raucous celebration

The super-successful comedy team A Slightly Isolated Dog brings their explosive & hilarious new show to the Earl: The Trojan War.

Using a cast of faux-French performers, The Trojan War is a joyful, raucous celebration of our ridiculous lives: using this classic tale of gods and heroes to playfully explore questions around the current chaos of our times.

When Paris is born, it is prophesied that he will bring the destruction of the city. To avoid this fate, he is sent away to be sacrificed. But this starts a series of events that will inevitably lead to the destiny his parents were so desperately trying to avoid.

Theatrical magic, wicked pop songs & fierce wit are combined to create a delightful romp through this classic twisted tale.

Dedicated school performance:
Wednesday 08 May 11:00 am

Earl Arts Centre


9 The Trojan War 1080

Mudlark Theatre presents

The Box

The Box is an explosive new Tasmanian play from the powerhouse union of award-winning Palawa artist, Nathan Maynard, and Murri-born, nipaluna raised artist Rob Braslin.

Set in a fictional housing commission suburb of Bowendale, the story of The Box draws us into the home and family of a single mother Mandy and her two hardened “Bowey boy” sons.

This story is a relentlessly real, daringly comic and profoundly moving theatre experience, uncovering the painful truths and actions that define one family’s existence inside a government experiment.

A complex and compelling family drama, The Box rages at the fragility of our lives, lives balanced on a knife edge, revealing the courage it takes for many to persist and survive, let alone “dream outside the box”.

School group pricing is available for the following general public performances:
Wednesday 24 July 7:30 pm
Thursday 25 July
7:30 pm
Friday 26 July 7:30 pm
Saturday 27 July 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

Earl Arts Centre


20 The Box 1080

The Visitors

Mooghalin Performing Arts & Sydney Theatre Company Production

Visitors leave. Right?

by Jane Harrison
directed by Wesley Enoch

On a sweltering day in January 1788, seven clan leaders gather on a sandstone escarpment overlooking the harbour. The attendees, six of them Elders and one new initiate, catch-up, laugh together, share a meal and compare notes. But beyond the friendly banter, protocols, and hospitality, a momentous decision is waiting to be made.

A mysterious fleet of giant nawi is amassing in the harbour and as they creep closer, these seven representatives must choose unanimously: whether to send these strangers on their way or welcome them?

After its Sydney Theatre Award-winning premiere production at the 2020 Sydney Festival, Muruwari playwright Jane Harrison’s The Visitors is a brand new production directed by one of Australia’s most celebrated directors, Quandamooka man Wesley Enoch.

Co-produced by Moogahlin Performing Arts and Sydney Theatre Company, The Visitors is at once a riveting, deeply researched insight into one of the most impactful and painful days in Australia’s history, and a hugely entertaining study of how communities respond to change and the unknown.

School group pricing is available for the general public performance:
Wednesday 30 July 7:30 pm

Princess Theatre


Download The Visitors Education Kit (PDF)

21 The Visitors 1080

Theatre North presents Shake & Stir Theatre Co's


The year is 1999 and Shannon has a secret.

adapted by Shake & Stir Theatre Co with Shannon Molloy

Shannon Molloy is a year 9 student at an all-boys rugby-mad Catholic school in regional Queensland, with a secret that no one can ever find out. Shannon is gay.

Based on the best-selling memoir by award-winning journalist Shannon Molloy, Fourteen is the inspirational true story of growing up gay in central Queensland.

Set to a nostalgic mixtape of 90s bangers from all your faves, from Shania Twain to The Spice Girls, Fourteen addresses the trials and tribulations of growing up with honesty, humour, and heart. Equal parts uplifting and heart-wrenching, this moving coming-of-age memoir about adversity and tragedy is also a story of resilience, hope and hilarity – thanks to the love of a group of close-knit friends, a fiercely protective family, an extraordinary mother and... S Club 7.

So press play on your discman, lose yourself in a pumping 90s pop remix and take a technicoloured trip back to your teens. This is Fourteen.

School group pricing is available for the general public performance:
Tuesday 27 August 7:30 pm

Princess Theatre


23 Fourteen 1080

Past the Shallows

A co-production between Australian Theatre for Young People and Archipelago Productions

Keep your eyes on the water.

Based on the novel by Favel Parrett

Harry and Miles live with their father, an abalone diver, on the wild and beautiful south coast of Tasmania. With their father largely absent, they look after each other as best they can. Over a school holiday, while Miles works on the boat, Harry begins an unlikely friendship that will upset the delicate balance holding this unpredictable world together.

Adapted by playwright Julian Larnach from Favel Parrett’s award-winning debut novel, Past the Shallows is an ode to brotherhood and a heartwrenching, lyrical exploration of mortality, family secrets and the capacity for both brutality and tenderness within contemporary masculinity.

Acclaimed director Ben Winspear directs a powerhouse cast of three young actors playing multiple roles. Let yourself get swept away on the tide of this compelling and deeply poignant story that will stay with you long after the lights come up.

Dedicated school performance:
Friday 30 August 11:00 am

Annexe Theatre


Download the Past the Shallows Education Resource (PDF)

24 Past the Shallows 1080


A Windmill Theatre production based on the much-loved Australian picture book character created by Ted Prior

Grug began his life as the top of a Burrawang tree that fell to the ground. Resembling a small, striped haystack with feet and a nose, Grug is fascinated by the world around him and solves everyday problems creatively and without fuss.

When dancing instructions are too difficult to understand, he invents his own dance and calls it ‘The Grug’. When snails eat his cabbages, Grug plants more cabbages so there will be enough for both him and the snails.

Having performed to more than 50,000 children and families worldwide, Grug is perfect for our youngest theatre lovers.

Dedicated school performance:
Tuesday 03 September 11:00 am

Princess Theatre


Access the Grug Study Guide

25 Grug 1080

Other School Group Booking Opportunities

Theatre North can assist with school booking requests for local production companies, including;

Strictly Ballroom - The Musical

22 May - 25 May
Launceston Church Grammar School


24 May - 26 May
Launceston Youth Theatre Ensemble

All the Things I Hate about You

29 May - 31 May
Launceston Youth Theatre Ensemble

The 39 Steps

14 June - 29 June
Encore Theatre Company

Bring It On - The Musical

07 - 08 August
Launceston College

The Laramie Project

20 August
Three River Theatre

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'Fourteen' image by Dylan Evans

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