Line up an adventure-filled Play Date at the theatre, during each school holiday. Perfect for young audiences, families and, well, pretty much everyone, really!


from Jens Altheimer

Can we save our stories when the robots arrive?

Performed by the imaginative mind of clown, tinkerer, inventor and comedian Jens Altheimer, Whalebone will inspire everyone who loves stories, surprises and wonders as well as the minds of young aspiring inventors.

Friday 19 January 6:00 pm
Saturday 20 January 11:00 am

Earl Arts Centre


Whalebone 1080

I Wish...

from Patch Theatre in collaboration with Gravity & Other Myths

An acrobatic adventure exploring all the things we could be.

I Wish… is an exciting collaboration between two internationally renowned South Australian companies – leaders in children’s performance Patch Theatre and boundary-pushing circus company Gravity & Other Myths.

Wednesday 17 April 6:00 pm
Thursday 18 April 11:00 am

Princess Theatre


I wish 1080


from Erth Visual & Physical Inc

A place to keep the most precious of things. A place to embrace the awe and wonder of nature.

Showcasing exquisite puppetry, an enigmatic host, audience interaction and a world of rare an exotic animals, ARC is a profound experience that embraces the natural world and the creatures that cohabit this place we call Earth.

Thursday 18 July 6:00 pm
Friday 19 July 11:00 am & 4:00 pm

Princess Theatre


ARC 1080


from ROOKE

Launceston’s very own ROOKE brings us all a little closer once more, right to the edge of your seats.

Their new work Nimble plays the line between tension and joy, risk and release. Bodies fly through the air, acrobats stand atop one another, and belly laughs will be had as the circus comes home.

Friday 04 October 6:00 pm
Saturday 05 October 11:00 am & 2:00 pm

Earl Arts Centre


Nimble 1080

The Riddle of Washpool Gully

from Terrapin

Far beyond the outskirts of the big city, near a tiny town that nearly everyone forgot, lay a lonely creek bed of no special significance. Once upon a time it was called Washpool Gully.

But the world had moved on from insignificant things, and no one had time for lonely creek beds. Except in Washpool Gully, something was stirring.

Wednesday 09 October 6:00 pm
Meander Valley Peforming Arts Centre

Thursday 10 October 6:00 pm
George Town Memorial Hall

Friday 11 October 6:00 pm
Saturday 12 October 11:00 am
Earl Arts Centre


The Riddle of Washpool Gully 1080

Banner Image from 'ARC', by Jacquie Manning