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Show someone how much you care by making a “gift” of a seat in their name.

Perfect for any special occasion!

Over the years, Theatre North has worked to provide the best professional space for the performing arts in Northern Tasmania. It has also provided annual programs of performances and other events that entertain and inspire.

You can help us to continue our work by giving a lasting legacy and we will commemorate your tax-deductible gift with a plaque on the back of one of our new seats.

Whether you are an individual lover of the arts or a local business, you can help celebrate how the arts and culture are an indispensable part of our daily lives, by:

Naming a Seat!

Three simple steps:

1. Fill in the Name a Seat! application form. DOWNLOAD HERE or pick one up from the Princess Theatre Box Office.

2. Tell us what you would like on the plaque. It’s your chance to create a cherished legacy by having your name on the plaque or you may have a different choice of words.

3. Select the type of donation you wish to make. Your donation will make a real difference ensuring that Theatre North can meet the needs of our growing community. We will acknowledge your generosity on our website and in an honour roll display in the theatre foyer. Don’t forget your donation is tax-deductible.



A lasting legacy to commemorate and celebrate

• Your love of the arts

• The difference your organisation has made to the arts in Launceston

• The contribution your business has made to the community

• The memory of a loved one

• the cultural riches of a great city

…and Subscribers, here is a special deal - you can also Take your Seat when you book in to see a show

1. This opportunity is only available to subscribers who put in their 2020 Subscription Season application and Name a Seat! application form before 1 December 2019.

2. When you book for a show in the Season, we will ensure you are sitting in the seat you have chosen to name.

3. This offer does not apply in any other circumstance.

For all inquiries, please phone 03 6331 0052 or email


Donation Levels

  • $2,500 - Gold Business Donor
  • $500 - Silver Business Donor
  • $500 - Community Donor
  • $500 - Gold Donor (Individual)
  • $250 - Silver Donor (Individual)

6 ways to have your name on a seat!

Please note that this is for the life of the seat, unless you are a Silver Business Donor. Also we cannot guarantee you will sit in your seat unless you are a Gold Donor or Gold Business Donor and you have booked tickets for at least two subscription season shows by 1 December for the following year.

• Silver Donor: $250 (we allocate your seat)

• Gold Donor: $500 and you can nominate the row and number of the seat (s) Please note this is subject to availability

• Community Donor: $500 (for community organisations)

• Silver Business Donor: $500 for two seats a year for a minimum of two years

• Gold Business Donor: $2500 for two seats for the life of the seat

For all inquiries, please phone 03 6331 0052 or email

Honour Roll

The Honour Roll is displayed in the Princess Theatre Downstairs Foyer and in the Subscription Season Brochure or view it HERE.